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Give your used shoes and clothing extra life by donating them to those in need.

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Give, by Zappos for Good has partnered with Soles4Souls, a non-profit, that help those in need globally, and whose micro-enterprise model provides entrepreneurs in developing nations a powerful and sustainable way to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Watch how your donation brings hope to those in need

Zappos for Good has partnered with Soles4Souls, a non-profit, helping gently used and second-hand shoes and clothing to energize microenterprise.

We are thrilled about Soles4Souls partnership with us. We are honored to keep helping communities everywhere by sponsoring the cost of the shipping of your donated shoes and clothing to Soles4Souls, so they can give your gently used items to people in need, rather than having them end up in a landfill.

Why donate your new or used shoes and clothing through Zappos?

Thank you for taking the time to help others.

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  • Taxes
    Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?
    Absolutely, but this is something that you would need to get from Soles4Souls directly. It’s not a problem and you can even ask for it online at In the section for Location Donation Was Made, all they ask is to mention and if possible include the tracking number for the package(s) that you have sent to Soles4Souls. Zappos is only helping to make the donation possible, but our partner at Soles4Souls is actually receiving your donation and then putting it to good use for someone else.
    Does Soles4Souls publish their financial statements?
    Yes. You can find them at
  • Why
    Why would I send my used shoes and clothes to Soles4Souls instead of just dropping them off at a local donation shop?
    We support anything that works best for you and helps others in communities around you and around the globe. Our team partnered with Soles4Souls because we have similar company and culture values of helping the community as much as we can, and being very transparent. Soles4Souls has a unique approach to donations – which includes cleaning and refurbishing products – to make the most out of every donation. Plus, they help communities right here at home, as well as in developing nations around the globe. But, because we know that it is a little extra effort for you to box up your used items, print out the shipping label and drop them off at your closest UPS Store, and Zappos For Good is covering the cost of shipping to their facility!

    I prefer to help people domestically, is Give going to help with that?
    Give, by Zappos for Good in partnership with Soles4Souls help those in need domestically and abroad. We can’t give you an absolute guarantee that your specific donation will go to someone domestic, but we can assure you that part of our partner choice was to support those domestically as well as abroad.
  • How the Program Works
    I always call Zappos for my orders. Can I make my donation of shoes over the phone?
    As always, our Customer Loyalty Team are here to help! If you need any assistance in where to go on the website, please give us a call at 877-927-2332 and our team member will walk through it with you on the phone. Because this a donation to a registered non-profit organization [IRS 501(c)(3)] that Zappos is just helping to facilitate, we really need your help to register and print the shipping label out, just in case you decided you wanted to a tax receipt for your donation.
    Can I donate to Give, by Zappos for Good if I live outside of the United States?
    Regrettably, our pre-paid labels do not cover the price for international donations. To use our pre-paid labels, donations must be sent from the United States. But we are continuously looking for other partnerships to help those in need on a global level.
    I live in a rural area. Can I donate using USPS for my donation box?
    Unfortunately, UPS is the only option at this time. UPS provides for easy, fast and secure shipping and package tracking of your donation to ensure it gets to those in need as quickly as possible.
    I live in a rural area. Can UPS pick up my donation box?
    Our pre-paid shipping labels only support dropping off your donation at a UPS Store or depot. But there is no time limit, so you can always save your donations up for a time when you may be near a UPS outlet.
    I don't live in the continental United States (ex. Hawaii); can I still donate?
    Unfortunately, our shipping agreement with UPS for this program only allows for ground shipping at this time.
    Your partner is Soles4Souls, but I have clothing to donate as well. Can I donate my clothes also?
    Absolutely! The company name is Soles4Souls, because that is where they started their focus. But, they have been able to grow their infrastructure to support shoes and clothing donations and ensure they get to those in need!
    Zappos for Good has partnerships with Soles4Souls and other charities too. Can I put all of my items in the same box for donations for all charities?
    We would ask you to print out a label for each type of donation which you are making. This donation page is about donating shoes and clothing, and you may notice on the shipping label you print that your donation will go directly to Soles4Souls. We understand it’s a little bit more work for you to print out a label for each different type of product donation you are making, but we at Zappos for Good are going to cover the shipping for all boxes sent to make sure your donations make it to the right people who can help the most with what is inside the box.
    What is “banding shoes” and why do I need to do that?
    This really helps the team at Soles4Souls to process donations faster because it means that you have connected the matching shoes together already. A rubber band around shoes or tying the shoe laces together. Anything that connects the matching shoes in a donation is considered “banding shoes”.

    You can donate more than one pair of shoes per donation, so in those cases, it’s even more important, to help get your generous donation to the help of others as quickly as possible.

    How many donations can I make through
    You can make as many donations as you want. The more the merrier! We will be covering the shipping for as many donations as you want to make.
    Do I have to be a customer already to donate through this program?
    If you have never been a customer before, that’s no problem! During the process, you will be asked to create an account or log in with your account if you have one.
    What types of goods can I donate through this program?
    Soles4Souls is happy to accept shoes and clothing of all shapes and sizes. There may be additional types of products that can be accepted in the future.

    We know that Zappos has the best customers, so our partners at Soles4Souls are extra excited because they’re confident our customers will send products which may need work but are closer to “gently used” than to “end of life”. Their refurbishment center can handle all of the above, and they do great work to keep anything out of the landfill that could be used by someone else – even if it’s in new ways.

    Do I have to clean and wash shoes and clothing before sending them to Soles4Souls?
    If possible, we would love that! Products that have been cleaned and washed will make it to those in need the fastest. Soles4Souls is set up to help with refurbishment of products, so whatever you can send in clothing or shoes is very much appreciated and will be put to great use for someone in need. Please secure your pairs of shoes with a rubber band to keep the pair together.
    Can I use a Zappos box to send my donation to Soles4Souls?
    You can use any box at all, and we’d be delighted if it was a Zappos box! Just make sure you cover or remove the old Zappos shipping label before putting on the new one. Don’t forget to tape up the box and affix the special prepaid shipping label before going to the UPS Store. And thank you for your help in reducing and reusing even before recycling wherever we can, so reusing a box we sent you is something we support fully!
    What happens to the product that I donate and how can I be sure it’s really going to those in need?
    Zappos for Good took time to make sure our donation partner values direct donation. Soles4Souls has four different ways that they provide direct help to others:
    1. Direct donation drives, domestically, to respond to emergencies of those in need and natural disaster relief.
    2. Direct donation drives to a selection of developing nations abroad who have a sizeable population where a pair of shoes can help save them from exposure to foot diseases.
    3. Support of microenterprise by helping those in developing nations to have a starting set of shoes which they can sell to experience the self-worth achieved by building a business on their own. Teach a man to fish, so to speak.
    4. Dollar-for-dollar shoes. For people who offer cash donations to Soles4Souls, for each $1 USD donated, they provide a pair of shoes to someone in need because of their vast partner network. If you wish to offer a cash donation, that can be done directly on the Soles4Souls website at Give, by Zappos for Good, is not currently facilitating cash donations, but does encourage helping others in all ways that our customers wish to do so.
  • Shipping Labels
    The shipping label I printed from the website says "2 LBS". Does that mean that I need to use multiple boxes and not exceed 2 LBS in any box?
    The short answer is No. All this means is that 2 LBS is the minimum weight that UPS will charge Zappos for Good for shipping your donation; so if your package only weighs 1 LB, Zappos for Good will be charged as though it weighs 2 LBS. You can (and should) fill your box of donated items to approximately 50 LBS when possible before using an additional box. UPS will weigh each package at the time of shipping and charge Zappos for Good the appropriate amount.
    Can I email the shipping label to myself?
    Unfortunately, not at this time. We are working on building that functionality right now and it should be available in the next month.
  • Environmental Impact
    How is donating shoes helping and not hurting the environment because they are shipped somewhere?
    All shipments, whether from you to Soles4Souls or from Soles4Souls out to the hands of those in need is done with ground based shipping (over land and sea): this results in lower carbon emissions than faster flight based transportation methods.

    But we took it a step further and looked to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Waste Reduction Model (WARM), v.14 to look at whether or not giving shoes a second life and keeping them out of landfills for longer has a positive or negative. With regards to both Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions Equivalent (MTCO2E) and energy consumption measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), we are having a net positive impact on the environment for each metric ton of product donated.

    So the more donations we have, the more net positive impact we are delivering according to the WARM model. You can donate AND to be more green!